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DNA damage-independent interaction of CBX4 with SUMO1

Sulagna Sanyal1 2 , Chandrima Das1* , and Sumita Sengupta (Bandyopadhyay)2*

1Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF, Bidhannagar Kolkata 700 064, India,
2Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Calcutta, 92 A.P.C. Road, Kolkata 700009, West Bengal, India.

The versatile role of CBX4, an important SUMO E3 ligase has been well studied in different biological processes including DNA damage response, transcriptional regulation and cancer.Although very few reports suggest that CBX4 itself gets SUMOylated by SUMO1, still in depth study to explore the biological implication of this association is yet to be divulged. Here we found that CBX4 indeed interacts with SUMO1 in HeLa cells. Subsequently, DNA damage induction was done using UV radiation to examine the effect on CBX4-SUMO1 interaction. Interestingly, no alteration in the SUMO1 mediated SUMOylation status of CBX4 suggested that the interaction between CBX4 and SUMO1 is quite robust and it works in a DNA damage-independent manner.
Keywords: DDR, SUMOylation, UV radiation, polycomb, regulation


Rapid and nondestructive assessment of freshness of potatoes using a piezo based sensor

Rishin Banerjee1, Abhra Pal1, Indranil Ganguly1,Gopinath Bej1 , Tapas Sutradhar1,Tamal Dey1,Subhankar Mukherjee1, ,Soumyadeb Bhattacharyya1 , Alokesh Ghosh1, Brajesh Singh2Nabarun Bhattacharya1*

1 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, (C-DAC) Kolkata,
2 Storage and Post Harvest Technology, Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla. CPRI.

The paper has examined on the non destructive assessment of potatoes using a piezo based sensor. In assessing the freshness of the product, there are different research reports, but surface firmness is an excellent indicator and is used extensively in practice .The sensor is used as a vibration sensor where the vibration patterns are recorded and analyzed in frequency domain and then the quality parameters are displayed accordingly. It is found that dry matter is related with the firmness of potato tubers which also converts itself to starch content depending on time and storage of potato tubers as firmness is very useful for processing industry. With some minor software modifications it can be adopted for other vegetables as well.
Keywords: Firmness, Dry Matter, Non-destructive, Piezo, Potato.


Synthesis, Characterization and Sorptive Removal of Heavy metals on Nano-Structured Agglomerates of Iron (III)-Cerium (IV) Bimetal Mixed Oxide (NICMO): Search For An Efficient, Low Cost Decontamination Technique

Tina De1*, Abir Ghosh11, Uday Chand Ghosh 1

1Department of Chemistry, Presidency University, 86/1 College Street, Kolkata-700073

Nano particles usually exhibit remarkable physical properties, rapid chemical reactivity, and high sorption capacity for inorganic compounds. Studies of the fate and transport of nano particles were largely concerned with their properties and behavioral change over time, whether they would interact with toxic contaminants after being released into the environment.Keeping in line with the above facts, here, we aim to develop an efficient material by eco-friendly green synthetic route that was further characterized to be crystalline ranging in nanodimension for filtering heavy metals containing groundwater. The average particle size was found to be approximately 3.56 nm calculated from the Gaussian fit of the distinct peaks and then computing its modeled data into Scherrer’s equation.The thermal stability of iron(III)-cerium(IV) mixed oxide nanoparticle agglomerates (NICMO) was well established from the consistent particle size at different temperature and also, from differential thermal. The bimetal mixed oxide contained agglomerated crystalline nano-particles of dimension 10-20 nm held together by crystal packing forces and, its corresponding empirical composition FeCe1.1O7.6. Appearance of weak band at 534 cm-1 in the FTIR spectrum of NICMO is presumed for the presence of hetero- metal bonding via oxygen linkage (i.e, Fe-O-Ce). Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) image of NICMO established the agglomerated surface morphology with irregular shape that was unevenly dispersed over a base matrix of oxide surface almost covering up its porous nature. Decreasing sharpness of inflexion points of NICMO in BET isotherm indicates porosity arising out of channels of the template framework but surely with non uniformity in pore size distribution.The positive change in entropy (∆S°) values of both Pb(II) and Cd(II) species with NICMO in the systems investigated conclude that the reactions were entropy driven, occurring with increase of randomness at solid-liquid interface owing to the release of water molecules when hydrated Pb(II) and Cd(II) species binds on to the solid surface
Keywords: Nano-dimension,surface morphology, pore size distribution, solid-liquid interface.


Bizarre movements of Earth cause deadliest tragedies and Climate Change

Nagendra Nath Mondal1

1Department of Physics,Techno Internationa, B7-360 / New, Ward No. 30 , Maheshtala , South 24 Parganas Pincode- 700141 West Bengal , India

A few deadliest catastrophes in the Asia-Pacific regions are Tsunami on 22.12.2004; Aila on 25.05.2009; earthquakes on 11.03.2011 and 25.04.2015; Tornados on 26.04.1989 and Cyclones on 12.11.1970. Very recently Cyclone Fani has smashed parts of Odisha and West Bengal in May 3 – 5, 2019, which has befallen due to climate change.The monitoring of rotational and orbital motions of the Earth is one of the key objectives of this research to observe whether those have any role behind these calamities. Since April 2005 data has been recorded, and analyzed data infers the climatic change. Comparative studies between the experiment and theory show that the earth was walking away during the period of tsunami 2011 to Kathmandu earthquake 2015. A bizarre etiquette of the earth has increased zenithto 0.3686o and rotational angle to 5.58o annually. If this state of affairs continues the local temperature will be 50o C in 2050.
Keywords: Earthquake, Environmental temperature, planetary motion, solar spectrum, Tsunami


Antimicrobial Properties of Nanoparticles (NPS)

Tathagata Kayal1* , Titas Ghosh 2

1Biochemistry Lab Assistant, MEDILAB (ISO 9001:2015), Garia, Kolkata, India
2School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Adamas University, Kolkata-700126.

With the help of nanoparticles treatment of diseases without any side effects can be achieved with the help of nanotechnology. The devices operating at nanoscale range such as nanoparticles, paves the path for a new method for imaging, diagnosis and therapy. Nanoparticles have antimicrobial properties which can locally destroy bacteria, without doing any harm to the surrounding tissues. This review focuses on the antimicrobial effects of nanoparticles.
Keywords:Nano particles, nanoscale, antimicrobial properties.


Assessment of water quality status of some water bodies in Kolkata

Phanibhusan Ghosh1*, Sudipto Mandal1

1 Ecology and Environmental Modelling Laboratory, Department of Environmental Science, University of Burdwan, Burdwan-713104, India.

The water quality status of some water bodies in Kolkata were assessed during dry season through the analysis of various physico-chemical and biological components. Studies revealed that water of all the ponds were alkaline with pH value ranging from 7.80 to 8.41 at water temperature between 28.0 and 28.5. Total Dissolved solids (TDS) varied from 310 to 710 mg/L with higher in Science city (710 mg/L), followed by Victoria (366 mg/L), B.B.D.Bag (310 mg/L) and Minto park (250 mg/L). Minimum of 56% dissolved oxygen saturation values were observed in the pond of Science city implying presence of higher oxygen demanding waste and maximum (96%) in B.B.D.Bag indicating lowest level of reducing substances. Lower ratios of BOD/COD ranging from 0.18 to 0.29 implied the presence of comparatively higher level of non-biodegradable organic matter in water. According to National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index (NSF-WQI) values, water quality of two ponds (Victoria and Minto park) were classified as good to excellent, one (B.B.D.Bag) is medium to good and another (Science city) is bad which corresponded to the class A, B and C respectively as classified by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
Keywords: Water Characteristics; Assessment; Ponds; Water Quality Index; Kolkata.